Nationals Park, D.C. – Nationals (2) Blue Jays (1)


I think I might have to go out on a limb here and call this my favorite “Modern Day” stadium.  I call it a stadium, but it’s a borderline park.   

The location of the stadium didn’t appear to be in the nicest area. But still felt safe.

I loved everything about this stadium. The exterior to the stadium reminded me something like an old 1950’s dinner with the neon lights and all the silver.

It also had a lot of Washington baseball history (although no Expos history).


They had eight of these in a row in front of the stadium.  Each year was from a big baseball event in Washington’s history.  Starting in 1859 when they had there first team.  Ending with 2005 when baseball came back to D.C.


They had three three statues in the stadium honoring Walter Johnson of the original Washington Senators, Frank Howard of the expansion Senators, and Josh Gibson of the Negro League Homestead Grays, all of which played many of its games in Washington.

The statues were meant to be action shots but in my opinion just looked like they had three or four arms and sort of deformed?

The various concessions and bars were great.  They had clever names like “Senators Sausages, Bullpen Burritos and Nats Dogs. They had very reasonable prices.


They had two very big bars with a ton of beers on tap and multiple TV screens.


They have a nice huge scoreboard in centerfield; the clock is a nice touch.


Overall I thought it was a great stadium with a very friendly staff.

The only cons would have to be the team itself.  With a 20-47 record it’s impossible to draw a crowd to this beautiful new stadium 😦 . 


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Camden Yards, Baltimore – 6/18/09 Orioles (5) Mets  (4)





We got to Baltimore at about 12ish.  Nice city, loved the Inner Harbor.  Throughout this blog I will use the words “Park” and “Stadium” when referring to the different stadiums.  There is definitely a huge difference between the two.  Yankee Stadium is a stadium.  Something like Fenway or Camden I would refer to as a Ballpark.  The difference in my opinion is the size and intimacy. 

Enough rambling on.  Camden Yards is a beautiful “park”.  It is more of a throwback to some of the old parks.  Had a very retro feel to it with all the brickwork and the old B&O train facility.


They had a statue of “The Babe” entitled, “Babe’s Dream”, and shows him at the beginning of his career.



I loved the scoreboard, one of my favorites so far.  This also had a very retro feel to it.


The old B&O Warehouse was part of the park.  It housed some bars, team stores and vendors.  

The views from the sections I visited were great.  It had a very intimate feel, almost like a minor league park.

Typical ballpark prices, maybe more to the low side. We ate at Boog’s BBQ which is a BBQ stand run by former Oriole Boog Powel.  This was located on the Eutaw Street side of the park.

Overall I thought it was a very nice ballpark.  No cons at this point.

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New Yankee Stadium – 6/12/09 Yankees (9) Mets (8)

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I’ve got to say this was a tough blog entry to write.  But this blog is about the Stadiums not the actual game outcomes.  Which is great, because Friday nights game was a “debacle” as Gary Cohen called it. 

Enough about the game let’s talk about Yankee Stadium.


First impression was “MASSIVE“.  The front entrance was designed like the original one from 1923.  My only complaint is that there is too much concrete here, no plants or flowers.  Lacks color that other stadiums have at there entrance. 


When you enter the stadium you come into “The Great Hall”, which is where banners and other posters are displayed of past and current Yankee greats.  This hall was huge.  Also on display in this hall was a replica of the scoreboard from 1977 showing Reggie Jackson after hitting his 3rd home-run in The World Series.

Next I moved onto purchase my first Beer at Yankee Stadium.  The first one I got was a 16oz Miller Lite from a small beer booth.  Here it cost $9.50, which I think is OUTRAGEOUS! Other ballparks have 16oz beer prices as low  $7.50.  I did find some cheaper beer prices, $6.00, but of course that is for a 12oz.


As you probably know already there are some obstructed views in the stadium.  I happened to be sitting in one of those areas where there are obstructed views.  I am not one of the people complaining about this.  I didn’t really miss much, there are lots of tv’s to see what you miss and the ticket price was only $5. 


Overall I thought the stadium was beautiful.  The only thing I did not like about the stadium was it looked way too much like the old one.  Why spend $1,020,000,000 on something if your just going to replicate what you already have???

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Yankee Stadium, Camden Yards, Nationals Park

Not much to write yet.  But after the next two weeks I will have a bunch to write about.  I will be seeing the Mets and Yankees on 6/12 then taking a trip to Baltimore on the 18th to see the Mets take on the Orioles at Camden Yards.  Then on the 19th to check out the Nationals Park when they take on the Toronto Blue Jays!!! So a lot going on in June.


P.S. You don’t have to, BUT you can help me visit every park by donating on the right!!!! Anything will help!!!!!!!!!



Tour of Citi Field

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So yesterday we had a tour of the Mets new stadium “Citi Field’.  I’ll start of by saying the stadium was AMAZING… A huge upgrade from Shea Stadium.  They are still doing some major construction on the stadium and I have no idea how they will be done with it by opening day.  The woman giving the tour said they know they will not be done with it for any of the exhibition games.  All the seats in the stadium are definitely much closer to the field and there really aren’t any bad seats in the stadium.  Some cool little things in the stadium is the old apple from Shea is on display, also the city skyline from the top of the scoreboard from Shea is also on display and lit up. 
The “Pepsi Porch” has some great seats and seams like it will be a unique part of the ballpark.  The “Pepsi Porch” is in right field and hangs over the field.
Another cool area is on the top level (The Promenade Level) they have a completely open concourse with tables and a ton of concession’s.
They have a restaurant on every level filled with views of the field and huge screen tv’s.  The last thing they showed us was all the different party suites.  They were awesome.  Unfortunately the cheapest suite was $5,000 with a minimum of 30 people.

There wasn’t many cons.  The location is now right on 126th, with entrances to the stadium on that street.  Which if you don’t know is not the nicest street in NY.  They are filled with “Chop Shops” and is really gross…
They did say they have already bought up a lot of the shops and are planning to build hotels and restaurants, but don’t expect to see much of that until 2012.

Overall a great experience!!!!! Can’t wait until the season starts.

You can view all the photos here.

P.S. I saw some beer prices, they haven’t gone up!

Let’s Go Mets!!!!!